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  • Anto Plot Light
  • Anto Plot Light Italic
  • Anto Plot Regular
  • Anto Plot Italic
  • Anto Plot Medium
  • Anto Plot Medium Italic
  • Anto Plot Bold
  • Anto Plot Bold Italic
  • Anto Plot Mono Light
  • Anto Plot Mono Regular
  • Anto Plot Mono Medium
  • Anto Plot Mono Bold
  • Anto Plot Lab 01
  • Anto Plot Lab 02


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about Anto Plot

The starting point of the Anto family was our proposal in 2017 for the new visual identity of the contemporary art center Bétonsalon in Paris. We further developed it for La Chaire des Arts & Sciences institution in Paris one year later. Inspired by the somewhat brutal proportions of early sans-serif designs like the Monotype Grotesque Bold Extended typeface, we draw our first sketches for the Anto Plot style. At almost the same moment, we began to work in parallel on the Anto Rounded style. The idea was to create a type family with a wide variety of styles, all based on the same skeleton. Where the Anto Plot is voluntarily angular geometric, the Anto Rounded is smoother with a gentle expression. Subsequently, we created the experimental visual style of the Anto Plot Lab and Anto Rounded Air, and the more informal Anto Mono versions.

OpenType features include various Stylistic Sets: ss01 Negative Circled Numbers, ss02 Circled Numbers, ss03 Negative Framed Numbers, ss04 Framed Numbers, ss05 Alternate g, ss06 Alternate l, ss07 Alternate at, ss08 Alternate ampersand 01, ss09 Alternate ampersand 02.


André Baldinger
& Toan Vu-Huu,
assisted by
Jimmy Le Guennec
& Fanny Hamelin


  • designed in 2017
  • released in 2022
  • version 2.1
  • available in 8 styles
  • roman 825 glyphs
  • italic 815 glyphs

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Anto Plot in use

Points Communs theatre identity

Points Communs theatre identity

by Baldinger•Vu-Huu

Latvian Pavilion, Venice Biennale 2019

Latvian Pavilion, Venice Biennale 2019

by Toan Vu-Huu

Spatial Living exhibition book

Spatial Living exhibition book

by Change is Good



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