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family overview

  • Dina Chaumont Text Regular
  • Dina Chaumont Text Italic
  • Dina Chaumont Text Bold
  • Dina Chaumont Text Bold Italic
  • Dina Chaumont Text ExtraBold
  • Dina Chaumont Text ExtraBold Italic
  • Dina Chaumont Display ExtraLight
  • Dina Chaumont Display Light
  • Dina Chaumont Display Regular
  • Dina Chaumont Display Bold
  • Dina Chaumont Display ExtraBold
  • Dina Chaumont Display Black


0 glyphs


about Dina Chaumont Text

Dina Chaumont Text and Display have been designed by bvh type for the new visual identity of the city of Chaumont, France.
Dina Chaumont Text Family adopts design aspects of the Display but is much more suitable for reading and typesetting small compositions, thanks to its generous x-height. Wishing to evoke French patrimony, some design ideas as the contrast arrangement, are inspired by Roger Excoffon’s work, whose designs have profoundly influenced the French graphic landscape. Dina Chaumont Text does not go unnoticed. Indeed, its particular design plays with the weight balance of the letters, placing it in sometimes unexpected places, thus creating a regular lively grey text. The text sparkles and catches the eye.


André Baldinger
& Toan Vu-Huu,
assisted by
Jimmy Le Guennec
& Fanny Hamelin


  • designed in 2021
  • released in 2023
  • version 1.0
  • available in 6 styles
  • roman 599 glyphs
  • italic 599 glyphs

supported languages

Dina Chaumont in use

Die Spielverderber

Die Spielverderber

by Mikhail Lychkovskiy

Plastic propaganda

Plastic propaganda

by Mister Atomic

Floréal 5 years

Floréal 5 years

by Louna Humbert