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about Eiffel Level

The trigger for the development of this font was a design pitch for a new signage project for the Eiffel Tower in Paris. André Baldinger was invited by Intégral Ruedi Baur to create and contribute the typeface. It was required to serve two purposes: a large display variant for signs and a text variant for printed matter. During the research, it quickly became obvious that it was less the shape of the tower and more its structural elements that offered the most interesting starting point for the design. The characteristics of the structure are the square, the double square and a series of struts at six defined angles. This geometric form language was the starting point for the construction and design process. There were hardly any models which could have served as orientation. You have less leeway with a defined design principle than in free drawing. It was a tricky task with formal, aesthetic and technical problems to be solved, mainly for display variants. The Eiffel Level Air weight is part of the handful of typefaces worldwide with a stroke thickness of as little as 1 unit–light as air!

OpenType features include Stylistic Sets: ss02 Circled Numbers and ss04 Framed Numbers.


André Baldinger,
assisted by
Fanny Hamelin


  • designed in 2004
  • released in 2022
  • version 2.0
  • available in 6 styles
  • roman 602 glyphs

supported languages

Eiffel in use

Frac Île-de-France identity

Frac Île-de-France identity

by Baldinger•Vu-Huu

ZHdK posters

ZHdK posters

by André Baldinger

NAB Bank Headquarters signage

NAB Bank Headquarters signage

by Pidgeon Ward

Ping Pong exhibition

Ping Pong exhibition

by André Baldinger, Philippe Millot



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