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family overview

  • Dina Chaumont Text Regular
  • Dina Chaumont Text Italic
  • Dina Chaumont Text Bold
  • Dina Chaumont Text Bold Italic
  • Dina Chaumont Text ExtraBold
  • Dina Chaumont Text ExtraBold Italic
  • Dina Chaumont Display ExtraLight
  • Dina Chaumont Display Light
  • Dina Chaumont Display Regular
  • Dina Chaumont Display Bold
  • Dina Chaumont Display ExtraBold
  • Dina Chaumont Display Black


0 glyphs


about Dina Chaumont Display

Dina Chaumont Text and Display have been designed by bvh type for the new visual identity of the city of Chaumont, France.

Dina Chaumont Display Family is a lowercase-only monospace typeface, fitting into the DIN A ratio. This format is used in portrait and landscape; thus, two different widths coexist. The letters are designed to fill the surface as much as possible in both cases. This feature gives a distinct look and plays with formal variations that convey the city’s dynamism.

Six weights are designed, ranging from ExtraLight to Black, the latter completely eliminating the counterform, transforming the essence of the letters into their most graphical forms. There is a close relationship between the weights: the Light’s stems correspond to the Bold’s counterform thickness, and the same is true of ExtraLight in combination with ExtraBold. A playful set of pictograms extends the glyphset.


André Baldinger
& Toan Vu-Huu,
assisted by
Jimmy Le Guennec
& Fanny Hamelin


  • designed in 2021
  • released in 2023
  • version 1.0
  • available in 6 styles
  • roman 466 glyphs

supported languages

Dina Chaumont in use

Die Spielverderber

Die Spielverderber

by Mikhail Lychkovskiy

Plastic propaganda

Plastic propaganda

by Mister Atomic

Floréal 5 years

Floréal 5 years

by Louna Humbert